I've finally found out how to filter LoudTwitter output by custom flist (you use the email update, not the atom or xmlrc ones).

So, who wants a bit of peace and quiet around here?

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From: [identity profile] fastfwd.livejournal.com

With all due respect, I'm not interested in seeing anyone's tweets on Lj. I will happily look at them on Twitter.

Hoping you're not offended.:)

From: [identity profile] muninnhuginn.livejournal.com

Ah, now that's interesting. I may be the only one, but I'm quite happy seeing tweets fed into LJ. (What I hate is having to click thru' an lj-cut to read them.)

I may have to investigate making my tweets opt-in. Who would miss the egg-egg-egg posts, I wonder?
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From: [identity profile] feorag.livejournal.com

Whereas I'm the other way round. I don't mind seeing them at all, as long as they are behind a cut!

From: [identity profile] cheekbones3.livejournal.com

I'm of the opposite opinion, if someone wants me to read what they're up to, why can't they do a proper LJ post? At least Steve cuts them!
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From: [identity profile] akicif.livejournal.com

Hmmm... Good point, I should also have asked about lj-cuts, too. I suppose if I'm already filtering out people who don't want to see tweets, I can de-cut them. But maybe I should have another poll?

From: [identity profile] darth-tigger.livejournal.com

I'm with you on this. I'm happy to see tweets on LJ but don't want to click a cut to read them. If they're behind a cut I probably won't read them at all.

I really don't get why people are so anti tweets-on-LJ. Either they're interesting, in which case being tweets shouldn't matter, or they're boring, in which case the person's whole journal is probably boring and I'll be skipping it anyway. If an original-to-LJ post consisted of short statements each less than 140 characters no-one would be complaining. Why should the fact that they've been already posted elsewhere suddenly make them abhorrent?

From: [identity profile] cheekbones3.livejournal.com

I enjoy reading what people are doing, but having it appear in staccato statements takes any pleasure out of the reading for me. I roughly equate it to reading The Hobbit in text message format.

From: [identity profile] darth-tigger.livejournal.com

I think that then comes down to the skill of the writer. Ideally, before deciding whether or not to crosspost tweets to LJ, it would be nice if the writer thought "in general, if a day's tweets were lumped together would they be interesting to a reader?" If the signal-to-noise ratio was good enough to keep the pleasure in reading, I'd keep reading; if not, not. But whether I read or not is up to me, it's not up to me what someone else posts - if I find their posts boring (whether re-tweets or original posts) I'll stop reading them, but I shouldn't try to stop them writing them.

I suspect that a brilliant writer could make The Hobbit in text message format utterly gripping and fascinating!

I just don't want to say "no-one must ever post their tweets on LJ" because I'm sure some people's cross-posted tweets will be entertaining. I'd rather suggest that if your posts are boring you might wonder about whether or not to post them, whatever the posts are. But when it comes down to it, it's up to the writer what to write and up to the reader what to read.
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From: [personal profile] digitalraven

It's crossing the feeds. If I want to see when people go for a coffee or read half a conversation with someone who has protected their updates, I can go to Twitter. Feeding them to LJ clutters the flist with a feed that's already accessible elsewhere.

As always Tef says it better than I do.
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From: [identity profile] spudtater.livejournal.com

Although I occasionally see a one-line LJ post, these are the exception rather than the rule. Maybe all my friends are bletherers?   8^)
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From: [personal profile] matgb


I prefer them to no content, and hate it when they're cut.

But I also have decided to filter mine away because I was using them as an excuse for content, and need to start actually writing stuff as it helps me think.

But I haven't posted the poll setting up the filter yet.

From: [identity profile] darth-tigger.livejournal.com

Incidentally I clicked "see comment" because "all right, if you must" was too grudging and felt a bit rude. My actual opinion is closer to "your journal, your choice" and "yeah, bring 'em on, if I don't find it interesting I don't have to read them all, just like any other post".

From: [identity profile] hawkida.livejournal.com

I'll happily read twitter on my friends list if it's not behind a cut. If you put it behind a cut I won't often click through because I do a lot of mass catchups and the small amount of content is not worth a click when I have 200 entries to get through. If you filter will you remove the cut tags?

From: [identity profile] spacelem.livejournal.com

I haven't really made my mind up yet. I never bother to check twitter feeds behind cuts though.

From: [identity profile] carbonel.livejournal.com

I'm in the "I don't mind them if they're behind a cut" camp.

But given the filtering ability you mention, it seems that the way to make the most people happy would be to filter out the people who don't want to read them (like me) and keep them visible without a cut for the people who do.

From: [identity profile] shsilver.livejournal.com

Your journal, your decision. I tend to gloss past twittering posts.

From: [identity profile] runesandmen.livejournal.com

I have twitter (same as el jay name) but am far too verbose to try and stick to under 140 characters or whatever. I should use it more though as an exercise in concision.

From: [identity profile] x-mass.livejournal.com

total aside but your being added on my Lj since we've only chatted off and on for 20+ years, but I had no idea who you were on Lj

I found you via [livejournal.com profile] autopope and you and I have a bunch of mutual friends

From: [identity profile] asimovberlioz.livejournal.com

One day I was browsing my LJ friends when I saw that three friends among them had posted four sets of tweets, none of them behind cuts. I kind of blew up, because if I wanted to see tweets, I'd be on Twitter, and the fact that I'm not on Twitter might be a tiny clue.

If you hide them behind a cut, then I can pretty much ignore them. But I did dump a few friends because of their unhidden tweets, and let one of them back in when he emailed to say he had figured out how to put them behind a cut.

I know, I can be pissy frequently, as many who remember me from the '80s can tell you. Sigh.

From: [identity profile] leila-child.livejournal.com

I'm not really fussed either way. Cut/uncut/whatever...I will read, or not, as fits my mood.